Welcome to Gdinkas World Music
"the future begins with us..."

Our Journey

Humble Beginnings

 G-Dinkas is a band formed by three Lost Boys of Sudan (South Sudan), namely Dut Leek, Garang Dhel and Kachuol Mel in mid 2009 for a purpose of sharing their journeys with the world. At the same time, these three boys were brought together not only out of bond of common experience and struggle but out of love of music, one of the things that help them get through their darkest days, it is through their music that they not only want to bring joy and hope to millions in needs but also through their stories to rebuild many lives. "though the Lost boys/ Lost girls of Sudan have found ways to better their lives in the west, None of us could forget the tragedies this group of survivors has faced and overcome" Former US President Bill Clinton. Therefore, G-Dinkas had dedicated their independent label to those group of boys and girls and South Sudanese and never made it this far . "The Lost Boys and Lost Girls Production inc".  

Musical Contributions

 G-Dinkas have been recording and doing performances not only for the Sudanese but for a wider Africans and Americans audiences while they feel it is important to keep true to their heritage as Dinkas'. Their music shows a blends of traditional zouk music, disco, techno, reggea, hip-hop, and rap music. G-Dinkas is one of the Best Recording band of this Era and the first in the west to compose south Sudanese traditional music. Riang Panda (Dialogue) and Survival chain (English) Albums both released in 2010. 

The Movement Continues...

 G-Dinkas currently led by the multi-talented Dominic Leek, who is not only a performer but a promoter, producer and songwriter. We are saddened by South Sudan's current state of war and the suffering of our people. We believe by promoting peace and unity through our music and social media campaigns # SouthSudanWeAreOne and #Stop the Hate & Spread the Love that peace could be realized. The group is currently working on its new album to be released summer 2018. Check out our music on YouTube: G Dinkas and for additional information booking live performance or speaking engagements contact us at info@gdinkas.com